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Our Rec In-House Program is for younger ages with Coed teams, and focuses on the fundamentals of soccer in a less competitive environment.  You can register now for the Spring 2023 season by clicking the Register Now link at the top of the page!  

Our Clinic I, Clinic II & Clinic III teams require volunteer assistant coaches and team managers to help facilitate team communication, conduct additional practice sessions outside of designated trainer-led sessions, and cover down on other duties as needed. 

Our Tots program groups require a volunteer Team Manager to facilitate team communication.

Please consider volunteering! It is a rewarding experience and remains a critical part of our Club's success. Options to volunteer are available during the registration process. Please contact us with any questions you may have about volunteering as an Assistant Coach or Team Manager.

Tots Program

Harundale Youth Soccer's Tots Program is designed to introduce 3-4 year olds to the fundamentals of soccer in an environment that is focused on fun activities, games, and enriching activities that keep Tots active and engaged. The Tots Program is conducted on Sunday afternoons and consists sessions lasting between 35-45 minutes. Tots I: Conducted on Sunday afternoons and consists of 35-minute sessions of activities (no team-on-team game play). Tots II: Conducted on Sunday afternoons and consists of 45-minute sessions of activities concluding with the introduction of 4-versus-4 game play. The Tots Program is 8 weeks long and facilitated by Lead Trainers who execute the approved curriculum as devised from our Director of Coaching. Cost: $125 per player. Uniforms for Tots can be ordered from Soccer Post. Following registration, a link will be sent to the primary account holder in order to place uniform orders. If you ordered a uniform in the Fall 2022 Season, you do not need to order another - uniforms can be used from season-to-season.

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